Sunday Night Slow Jams with R Dub! 

On-Air Sundays from 8pm to 12am

Born in: Chicago
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA & Orlando, FL
Birthday: December 1st
One Unique fact about me: I have a 2nd home in Recife, Brasil, South America

More about Sunday Night Slow Jams:
Growing up, I spent my time staying up late at night listening to various "slow jams" type radio shows on radio stations around the country. When I turned 13, I decided that my dream was to host my very own Slow Jam show. After I turned 16, in the summer of 1994, Sunday Night Slow Jams was born and I have been hosting the show ever since! Check out the show's website to make song requests, say your sorry to someone, and leave an oral expression. The website is and you can also call me 7 days a week with your song requests, dedications and to make your oral expressions at:  1-877-209-0631.