LeightonBroadcasting_WEB-155_1.jpgThe Derek Lee Show!
Weekdays 2pm-6pm
Saturdays 2pm-6pm on Z947!

Name:  Derek Lee

 that one girl...you know the one thats on in the afternoon!?

 St. Michael, MN

 STMA HS, Brown College

Favorite Song:  
It's a 3 way tie...Marvin Gaye, "Let's Get it On", Prince "Purple Rain" and Adina Howard "Freak Like Me"

New Music I'm Into: 
 Anything to shake my rump to! Please don't look directly at the web cam you could loose your sight.

Favorite Movie: 
 Anything thats not Twillight...WHAT A HORRIBLE MOVIE! I love comedies and dramas

Favorite Movie Quote:
 "maybe it's something really cool I don't even know about...(Ehh) What...I thought we we in the trust tree...are we not"  Old School - when Frank is at the counselor with his wife talking about the Olive Garden waitress

1, My super amazing Liam!

What I Watch: 
 Wipeout, VH1, MTV, Bio channel and E!

When I'm not on Z947: 
 I'm trying to make my wife happy...but the list is so long

People think I'm:
  A girl because of my voice...and that's ok. My puberty ship sailed long ago